Did you know...

Did you know Guyra has a Holden museum! From floor to ceiling of HOLDEN EVERYTHING! Not only will you find the owner in the back with an open mechanics floor with Holdens getting worked on. Great friendly guy always happy to walk you through and have a great chat about the holdens on the floor and all the bits you see every where. An easy walk across the road. Golden coin entry!

Did you know we have a café that purely vegan! The food is truly amazing with some of the best shakes you will taste. All at the Poetry Hall of Fame, which you can find some of the coolest stones and art you will see. Right across the road from the Holden Museum.

Did you know that we have a trout farm just out the back of Black Mountain which is only 20 minutes away. You can go fishing, look at the amazing gardens around the place, have a café lunch and really enjoy the peaceful tour that they offer. Check them out, its awesome!

Did you know that is only the start to the amazing things around here at Guyra. Its a friendly town with easy, beautiful walks around the place and everything central that you could possibly need. Come stay here at Guyra Motor Inn and see what else you can find.

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